This Will Be A First For Me

Travel is about new things. Well, it is for me at least, and I’m about to do something I rarely do coupled with something I have never done. I usually travel solo. That’s because I hate everyone….. always. No, no….that’s a joke.I usually travel alone for a bunch of reasons and I’m fine with that. There are some places where I would prefer to travel with friends, but usually I can get along OK by myself. So this trip that starts today is already an outlier for me as I will be traveling with several relatives, but the biggest challenge I will have to overcome this trip is that it is being put together by a tour company.

I’ve never had anyone set up air, hotels, tours, etc. for me. I usually do it all. I also do most of the planning when I travel with others. Mostly due to the fact that by now I have lots of experience. Letting someone else do all the planning was difficult. I have status with an airline and I take advantage of all that comes with it: extra bags, faster passport control, nice (sometimes posh) lounges. I got lucky, they booked it through my preferred airline! Since we are on the same reservation, they can get some of my perks. Maybe not the lounge access, I can only get two guests in not five, but something is better than nothing.

Now all I have to do is show up. The rest is supposed to be taken care of. My biggest concern right now is that we hit the ground running and I can’t sleep on planes. I’m going to try again this trip. My fingers are crossed. I also awoke at 3am today (8am London time) to get ready. I really need to get where I can sleep on planes. I’m getting older and my current system of staying awake 24-30 hours straight and sleeping 16+ hours the first day is getting mire difficult.

More from London soon.