Aruba The Arrival And No Stamp!

My first flight of the day was at 6am from Philadelphia to Atlanta. When I booked it I figured I would just get up super early and drive the hour from my house to the airport. After some thought, I remembered that I don’t see very well while driving at night anymore and it would make more sense to go to Philadelphia the day before and stay at a hotel by the airport. I booked into the hotel and got to bed really early to make the flight.

I got to sleep so early that I woke up fully rested at 2:15am. Earlier than I had planned, but better than later, no? I got a good view of Philadelphia’s downtown as we banked over the city. Too bad the photo is a bit blurry.


My flight to Atlanta was a bit bumpy, but offered a nice view of the sunrise.


A quick two-hour layover in Atlanta in the lounge and I was ready for the four-hour direct flight to Aruba.

Upon arrival I got through passport control pretty quickly which is good, but part of the reason I got through so quickly is that some of us were directed to an electronic station that scanned our passport, took our photo, and then sent us on our way, NO PASSPORT STAMP!!!!! Sigh. 

I grabbed a taxi to the hotel and had a friendly driver. We discussed the local language Papiamento, and he tried to help me pronounce it correctly thought the twenty-minute ride to the hotel. I never did get it right. 

After checking in, I walked to the giant supermarket to get some supplies. It was an amazing mixture of Dutch, American, and European products. I got what I needed and settled into my room.

I planned on turning in early since I had been up so long. I decided to cruise through the TV channels just before bed. It was all US channels with one or two from Venezuela mixed in. A US channel was doing a Star Wars marathon and I got suckered into watching too much of a film I had already seen way too many times. I drifted off to the sounds of Jabba the Hutt getting an easier death than he probably deserved.

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