Hey, I’m Still Here. I’ve Just Been VERY Busy.

It has been too long since I have posted. Since this is a travel blog, the absence of posts means I haven’t been traveling. My last post was about an upcoming trip that was to be the first I’d ever done that was planned by a company. That trip was finished and my mission was accomplished, the family members got back alive. I hope they had fun.

I learned I did like not having to worry about all of the details, but not enough to do away with the planning and spontaneity of my usual trips. The guide was excellent and had a very difficult job in keeping us all in line. The company we went through was terrible. I won’t get into the details, but they know what they did.

The past few months have been spent moving my mother first, and then myself a bit after that to New Jersey. The reasons for that are long and complicated and quite boring. The main takeaway is I am very glad to be in a much more populated part of America. Many airports within a few hours drive through which I can book cheap flights as they become available. Which brings me to my current trip to Aruba.

This trip has several firsts for me. It is firstly my first trip to Aruba. It will be a quick one, just three full days. The reason for the brevity is the second first of this trip. My first mileage run.

For the past year I have had Platinum Medallion status with Delta and I find myself just under the threshold for that again next year. I had a little money, and a little bit of time to try to book a short trip to just barely scoot across the finish line before the end of the year. The sweet spot, just enough in one trip and at not too much of a cost turned out to be Aruba. There are many perks to having status with an airline. They change from time to time, but it is always better to have it than not. For the travel that I do at this stage in my life, Platinum is about that best I can hope for. I’ll take it when I can get it, so I’m going to try and get it.

This brings me to the third first of this trip. My first trip to South America. When I was looking at a map of Aruba, it occurred to me that it was really close to Venezuela and it go the thinking, is Aruba part of South America. I talked to the most learned friend I have (a “nerd” like me in the jive talk of today’s youth) and we figured if the island of Aruba was on the continental shelf of South America, geographically it must be a part of South America. It turns out it is. So this will be my first visit to South America.

Now, if that seems to you that I am kind of “lawyering” my way into a trip to South America after only booking a trip to the Caribbean, I would not argue with you. I do plan to go to South America proper in the future, just not on this trip. If I should expire on or after Aruba, I will die knowing in my heart that I did visit my fourth continent. For real. Should I not die on Aruba, there are three other continents that can expect a visit by me for the first time. Not in the near future, but one day. Right now there are three trips booked after Aruba and they are once more to the Caribbean and twice to Europe.

This trip may also be a last one for my dear, sweet passport. It expires in 2019 and I need to get it renewed in plenty of time for those trips. It may make it to St. Lucia in January, but if not, Aruba will be its last stamp. We had a lot of good times together and I will always hold it dear to my cheese clogged heart.

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