St. Patrick’s Day was cold and had snow flurries, but a storm moved in that night and dropped a surprise snowfall on the eastern part of the country.


I was fine with this, I like snow. Probably because I doesn’t happen much where I live and when it does (or even thinks about it) the city shuts down. Since I was on a trip, I figured I should get a better feel for how Ireland handles the snow before I decided to stay in for the day.

I got my gear together and went down to the hotel’s front desk to ask how Dublin handled this type of weather. The lady at the front desk told me this storm would be only a minor nuisance, the one two weeks ago was so severe that the staff of the hotel had to stay there for five days. There were only a few inches on the ground and the roads were not terrible so I decided to head to the city and see if I could salvage some of the day.

While there was not a lot of snow, there was a lot of wind and the snow was still coming down. I caught the first bus headed back to town, but we almost didn’t make it out of the bus stop due to the slick road. The driver said that he was pretty certain that as the day went on there may not be many more buses headed out to that stop. The trains were running but with some delays, so I knew I could make it back if things got worse on the roads.

Once I got to Temple Bar in Dublin, almost everything was open. The wind and snow were brutal. I decided that I’d grab some food and then hit a bookstore to stock up on the Sunday newspapers and then head back to the hotel. I didn’t want to get caught away from the hotel if they decided to stop the trains and busses.


I love reading newspapers and the ones in Ireland and the UK are some of my favorites to look through. Even the bad ones are worth it. In the US, I can only get my local paper and the NY Times, so 6 or 7 sundays from two countries and I’m in heaven. My boss jokes that I’m that one guy who still gets the newspaper. I get two a day and wish I could get more. “But you can read them online!”, you say. It’s not the same, but I won’t go into that.

I grabbed a different bus back, they had altered the route on my usual one, and made it back in the early afternoon. I spent the rest of the day reading the papers.


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