I woke up on day two with the head cold at about the same level as the day before, which was a good sign. I grabbed a bus into the city center with the plan of getting some sight-seeing done, buy a hat, and maybe buying some cold medicine.

I am not very good at packing for multiple climates on the same trip. It was fairly warm and spring like back home, but was supposed to turn cold and windy on St. Patrick’s Day. On my last trip, to Switzerland in January, I brought two jackets and only wore one of them  the whole trip. The heavy one just took up space in my suitcase. It was also unseasonably warm and snow free. This time, I wasn’t going to be made a sucker of by the weather. If I needed at hat, I’d buy one there. A practical souvenir and it would be green, which I needed more of for the parade.

I stumbled upon a store that sold Irish wool items on my way to the Irish National History Museum and grabbed what would probably be a life saving hat.

Old guy with a hat
The Snoopy pin I brought with me. The hat is new.

I love museums and figured that I’d spend most of the day at one I had not been to before: The National Museum of Ireland – Archeology . It is housed in this very cool building right next to the National Library (which I didn’t make it to this trip, stupid cold).


Right as you walk in, there is a cool mosaic of the zodiac.

The photos do not do it justice.
All hail the mightiest of the zodiac: the Fish-Goat!

The floor of the museum is filled with great mosaics. Sadly, many parts are covered by exhibits and ramps. As much as I hate to see them covered, I’ll settle for seeing some of them and having people in wheelchairs have access. That’s a no-brainer. It would be cool if they had a book of images of the full mosaics for sale.


The museum exhibits were very interesting and covered Irish pre-history up until the end of the middle ages. Turns out that Dublin was founded by the vikings, which was new to me. They have a few bog-bodies, as well as other non-human things that have been thrown into or lost in the bogs over the years. They also have a very nice gift shop which is always a bonus on any trip to a museum.

After I spent a few hours in the museum, I wandered around the shopping areas around Trinity College and it was starting to get fairly crowded. I decided to grab some food and start making my way back to the hotel. Tomorrow was going to be long day filled with the parade crowds and I didn’t want to use up all of my energy dodging them today.

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