I woke up early after a good 12 hours sleep and realized that either I had caught a cold from the hotel desk clerk yesterday, or I had caught one along the way. There is never a good time to be sick, but there are worse times, and on day one of a trip is one of the worst.

My plan for the day was now to minimize the likelihood that this was going to be a trip length cold. I took the train into town to get some supplies and figure out where a few things were. I’d throw my plans for this day out the window so I could come back to the hotel and rest with the hope that I would keep this cold to 3 days or less.

I went to the General Post Office to pick up some stamps for my postcards, and I really like the fact that such a historic place is still an active post office. It was before the museum opened for the day, so I didn’t wait around for that. I grabbed a few postcards and souvenirs at a book store nearby, and went to a cheese shop a few blocks away to buy some Irish cheese. If anything will make me feel better it is cheese.

After the cheese shop, I took the bus back to the hotel. I had bought a ticket to a silent movie at St. Patrick’s Cathedral and as much as I hated to miss it, I was going to sacrifice it for more sleep and the chance to get better before I left Ireland. I’m not complaining. Having a head cold in Ireland in better than having a head cold back home. At least here there is great Irish, and BBC TV.

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