My flight back to the US was on KLM via Amsterdam. The day before when I checked in, they were offering a business class upgrade for about $400. I couldn’t believe my eyes and I had to do it. Even though it wasn’t an overnight flight, I was going to enjoy some extra space and attention.

The flight out of Dublin was much more smooth than the flight in. I even got to see some snow left over in the mountains.

Snow Above Ireland
I told you it snowed!


One of the trickiest parts of traveling is to not be left with extra currency once you get back. Since I have been in the Eurozone a lot lately, I wasn’t too concerned about it until this trip. I had nothing on the horizon this year so I needed to dump what I had before I got home. I did a pretty good job budgeting my cash flow this trip so I only had a surplus 10 euro note on me by the time I got to Amsterdam.

What to buy…..what to buy?  Hello! Only 9,90€?!?! Mission accomplished. The lady who checked me out said “You know these are CHEESE biscuits, right?”

Yes. Yes, I do.

They were boarding my flight at this time so I sprinted to my gate with my tin of gouda biscuits under my arm. The lady checking my passport and boarding pass saw them and said “Those are soooo good!”. She was correct.


I never get to fly business class internationally. It is just too expensive. Even if I could afford it, I’m not sure I could pay regular price just out of principle. But they do treat you nice.



Wine and cheese make me very happy.

8-9 hours goes much faster up front, I’m not gonna lie. The service was excellent and the food was not too bad. I also got my first KLM blue house of gin!

All liquor should come in bottles shaped like things. I dare you to tell me why I am wrong!
I had to photo this just for the Dutch spelling of Honolulu.

We landed on time in DC and I spent the night at a hotel near the airport which was starting to look like a bad idea when it began snowing the next day. I had an early morning flight and was able to get out before they started canceling flights. Barely.

It was interesting to see an Ethiopian Airlines flight landing before we took off. I wondered if their pilots were used to landing in snow. I also wondered if there was much of a difference between a snow landing and a dry one. They did an excellent job as far as I could tell.

I may have been on the last flight out of Dulles that day.


I got home and found everything just as I’d left it only a bit messier.

The cats were fine. I have the best pet sitters and couldn’t travel without them. I can’t thank them enough. They are a bit too good though, when I arrive the cats are excited that someone is there, but then calm down once it settles in that it’s me and I haven’t learned to pet them more, or feed them tuna more, in my absence.

These two don’t even need me anymore.