Barcelona and Back

I had a harrowing cab ride through rush hour traffic to arrive at Barcelona El Prat Airport. People drive like they are insane and I almost had a front row seat for a motorcyclist becoming an organ donor. It was totally his fault and I would have testified to it under oath.

I arrived at the airport, found the mailbox to drop my postcards in and made it through security with no issues. When it was time to board the plane, the gate agent scanned my boarding pass and told me I needed to get int another line for additional screening. I’m not complaining about the extra screening, there were many who had to do it, but they could have done it before we got to the gate.

They were swiping for explosives, and guessing by when and where they were checking, explosives we must have picked up between security and the gate. They had to swipe every pocket of my backpack and my backpack has a lot of pockets. That’s its whole purpose. We all checked out OK and boarded last for the nonstop flight to JFK.

After JFK it was on to Charlotte and I got a first class upgrade as part of my recently obtained status. After a night in Charlotte it was back to the airport and home to plan my next trip to Europe which was in two weeks, with Xmas in the middle. I really should have planned that better.

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