For my final full day in Barcelona I had only one thing planned, a guided tour of the Basilica Sagrada Familia. A guy I work with had been there before and told me to plan on spending a whole day there so that’s what I had planned. It was raining off and on around the time the tour was to start so there wasn’t much of a crowd. Only two other Americans and myself were on this English language tour.

Sagrada Familia is still under construction after more than 130 years, but the inside is mostly finished. The rain kept me from spending too much time outside which is were a lot of the details worth really looking over are. The inside is impressive but after looking it in awe for about 20 mins I felt it was time to move on.


They had just installed this floor a few days before.


You can go up in one of the towers, but with the low clouds that day I decided it was not worth risking a heart attack. The basilica is scheduled to be completed in the 2020s and I plan to come back when it is done. I will definitely go up then.

While this is newer and bigger than Barcelona Cathedral, Sagrada Familia will be a basilica since it is not the seat of a bishop. Barcelona Cathedral has been that for hundreds of years and I don’t think they plan on changing that because of some young whippersnapper coming along and building taller towers.

Having seen my one sight to see, I grabbed the last of the souveirs and made my way by metro and tram back to the hotel to do the saddest part of the trip: packing to leave.


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