Barcelona Day Un

My first flight was at around 7am local time so I had to get up at about 4:30am to get ready and get to the airport. All went without a hitch and I got there in plenty of time.

The flight from Chattanooga to Atlanta is an annoying 20 minutes. It is annoying because you have to go through a lot with security, waiting, etc for just 20 minutes of air time. But, it still beats driving since Atlanta traffic is probably the worst in the US.

Got to Atlanta and got on my flight to Charlotte and then the delays began. There was poor visibility in Charlotte so they kept us in Atlanta for about half an hour. By the time I landed in Charlotte, after a 30 minute flight, Delta had rebooked me through Detroit instead of back to Atlanta for my flight to Amsterdam. Fine by me. I kind of prefer Detroit’s airport to Atlanta’s (sorry ATL, you can’t win one in this post [insert cheap Super Bowl joke here]).

The bad part of being sent through Detroit to get to Amsterdam was that instead of being on KLM as was my original flight from Atlanta, I was now on Delta. Delta is great, I just wanted to experience KLM’s long-haul service and see how it compared. Oh well, that’s what the future is for, right? The Detroit flight go there sooner, so I kind of won in the end.

The flight to Amsterdam was quick, about 7 hours. I got lots of reading done. I can’t sleep on planes. I look at people who can as if they have a super power. By the time I got to Amsterdam, I was dragging. I hit one of the KLM lounges to get some coffee and catch up with some work that came in while I was zooming across the Atlantic.

If I’d had a window seat, and it was daytime, I might have seen Greenland!

One of the unpleasant side effects with me and sleep deprivation is that I start to say dumb things. Well, they make sense to me, but come out poorly worded. My answer at passport control in The Netherlands to “Are you going to Barcelona on business?” was “No, pleasure”. As soon as I’d said it I knew it sounded weird. As if all I planned to do in Barcelona was drink and go to brothels! That’s a half-truth. I’m going to drink and go to museums!

The KLM lounge was one of the nicest I’ve been in and most lounges are pretty nice. The internet wasn’t working for me but the coffee was. I was able to get a little work done, but got enough caffeine in me to keep me awake to Barcelona.

A short two-hour flight brought me to Spain. The flight over the Pyrenees was pretty cool as they have snow now and I’ve not seen much of that in my life from the air (or ground, I live in the American South).

I got my bags and grabbed a taxi. I was too tired to try to figure out the metro and wasn’t sure I could make the two blocks from the stop to my hotel. I’d been up for about 27 hours straight and at my age, that’s pushing the limits. The gods of travel (are (is) there any (one)?) grinned upon me and my room was ready two hours early. I checked in and slept from about noon until 2am Barcelona time. I hate to waste travel time asleep, but sleep is very important.

I’ll say this, late night Catalan / Spanish TV can give late night Japanese TV a run for its money.

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