We decided to start the second day of Paris with a visit to The Louvre. It was about a fifteen minute walk from our flat which gave us an opportunity to wander into anything that caught our fancy along the way. The architecture was amazing and we also found lunch at a cool spot named Rotistreet that advertised in English “street food”. “Street food” must have a different meaning in French because this stuff was much better than street food and was not on a stick. It was a quick lunch spot that did mostly take away business due to it being across the street from The Bank of France, but it did have a few tables for eat in customers.

After lunch we arrived at The Louvre. It was much bigger than I thought it would be and I thought it would be pretty big.

The Louvre

We had purchased a two-day Paris Museum Pass which gives access to a long list of museums. We didn’t plan to go to enough to make it a financial slam dunk, but it does give quicker access to the people who have them. This time of year we didn’t run into any long lines, but we did have our own security line here that was much shorter.

I had read in advance that it was advised to get the audio guide because there was little information in English on the exhibits. I usually like to explore on my own and declined to purchase one. I should have because the guidebook was right, there was not a lot of English to be seen. It was more of an issue with the ancient artifacts. You can still enjoy art without needing to know too much about it.

As far as the art is concerned that place is an art textbook come to life. The biggest crowd was for The Mona Lisa.

Mona Lisa Lookers

I thought there were much better paintings in the room.

We spent several hours there and saw so much but didn’t even make a dent in the place. If you want to see a particular list of things, plan ahead because they may be spread out and there will be lots of walking. Going midweek at the time of year we were here probably made the experience better. I can’t imagine how crowded this place gets on a weekend or in the high season.


All that culture and walking wore us out so we decided to a little souvenir shopping near there and head back to the flat. On our way to the metro we saw this for the first time:

Giant Paris Tower


In the same building as the flat was an Italian place we noticed the day before and we decided to try it. I know what you are thinking, why would we eat Italian in Paris? Well,

  • Italian is awesome
  • Paris Italian food must be good or else it wouldn’t exist
  • Every time is a good time for pizza
  • It was close
  • They had wine

Don’t judge. It was amazing and I had a limoncello tiramisu that was insane.

Tomorrow we go to the top of the…..whatever they call that big Paris tower thing.




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