24 Hours To Go

About 24 hours until our flight leaves for Paris. Packing has begun. That means I’m shedding weight like a high school wrestler trying to make weigh-in. 25kg max weight for a suitcase? Don’t the French know us silly Americans don’t use the metric system? If only there was some sort of online thing to translate outdated weights and measures systems into something more logical. Oh, well. If my suitcase is overweight, they will just charge me in euro. That’ll take the sting out, right? I mean, what could the euro to US Dollar exchange rate be 100 to 1?*

For a guy with zero fashion sense, I sure do pack too much. I’m working on it. I even ordered a smaller suitcase this last time to make me pack less. Sometimes I think if airline lost my luggage they would be doing me a favor.

Today I figured it would be fun to have a beer or two while I pack. That means I will probably do something really dumb like pack some cat toys and forget to pack boxer shorts. Eh, I’ll risk it.



*Lest the internet be confused, (which it never is because everyone on the internet is always right about everything. Just ask them) I’m well aware of exchange rates, etc. There really needs to be punctuation for sarcasm, right?


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