Berlin and Back

I had a mid-morning flight to Paris on Air France followed by a three-hour layover at CGD then back to Boston. I checked my bags in and headed to the Air France Lounge (or salon, as they say en français) at Berlin Tegel Airport. On my way I grabbed a handful of euros from my pocket and bought some interesting snacks in a vending machine. Upon entering the lounge, I saw every single one I just bought was free for the taking. Sigh. I grabbed some breakfast and a few coffees.

Both coming and going into Tegel, we walked on the tarmac to get to the plane. I’ve only had that occur once before when flying. It is kind of cool.

AF Plane
The plane! The Plane!

It was a short flight from Berlin to Charles de Gaulle and I decided once I had landed and gone through passport control, to go the lounge and get some work caught up that had come in the night before. The Air France lounge in my terminal was being renovated so an employee directed me to the one in the next terminal. He said since I had a few hours, there was more than enough time to get the shuttle there and back. So off I went.

The food selection was very good, and as always the booze selection was top notch. I hopped on the Wi-Fi and got my work done. My flight was scheduled at 3:30pm, and at about 2:00, I told myself, “One more glass of champagne and then I’ll head over to my terminal”. At about 2:30, I left the lounge but couldn’t find out how to get to my terminal. I went back to the lounge and asked the agent at the front how to get there and he informed me the last shuttle to that terminal left a half hour ago. D’oh!

The Air France employee that was so helpful in getting me to the lounge had neglected to tell me that I had a curfew there! A VERY helpful Air France employee almost walked me to the tram between the two terminals. The down side was that I’d have to go through security again. The upside was since I was the only idiot waiting until the last minute to get to the gate, there was no line in security! I got there is plenty of time, but was very nervous en route. It helped they had a delay in boarding. En route I saw Street Fighter II in one of the waiting areas but had no time to play. Next Trip!

Street Fight II
Hmmm. I guess it takes euros.


The service on all four of the Air France flights I have been on this trip has been excellent. Champagne before the meal, wine with it, and cognac after. Not bad for flying economy. I have a few more Air France flights over the next few months so it’s good to know that I’ll be flying in comfort, or at least full of wine and cognac!


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