Berlin Day Fünf!

My last full day in berlin would be shorter on the tourist stuff since I had to pack and spend some time getting the last few gifts I needed for people back home. It was raining again so my plan to go to a museum that day proved to be the smart move again.

I decided to go to Deutsches Historisches Museum  and if I got through it with enough time to spare, hit one more in the area. My plan was sunk when I spent about four hours there. The museum covers about 1,500 years of German history. Since I know little about Germany pre-1900, I had a lot to take in. I still would have gotten out in a few hours if I hadn’t spent so much time in the section dedicated to Germany from 1918 to the present.

One of the items was an amazing surprise: an original 1925 poster for Fritz Lang’s film Metropolis. If you haven’t seen it, you should. It is a sci-fi classic. They now have on DVD one of the most complete versions in existence.

This thing was beautiful and huge.


There was a large section on Germany during the Nazi era and a pretty good section on the two Germany’s during the Cold War. If you are a history buff, a whole day would not be out of the question there. The cafe had amazing desserts and pretty good coffee.

After finishing at the museum, it was time to grab the last few gifts I needed and head back to the hotel to pack and do a little work. On my way to a Christmas shop I was going to in order to get a few things for my mom, I stumbled across a currywurst stand that a guidebook said was worth a try.

Curry 36 is a simple stand by a train station, but worth trying. For six euros I got two large wursts and 500ml of beer. Their sauce is the most like ketchup of the three that I have tried, and I don’t care for ketchup, but their sausages were hands down the best. Piping hot, and when you get the version with skins, a nice snap when you bite into them.  I downed my dinner and headed to a nearby shop to grab some food souvenirs and a few things to snack on as I packed at the hotel.

I don’t usually do as much on my last day of a trip since I try to get to bed early in preparation for a day of travel. The must difficult part of the last day is getting all the souvenirs packed. I buy too much stuff, but in my defense, I buy a lot for family and my pet sitters. I try to justify my insane travel schedule by telling people that’s where I do all my Xmas shopping. I don’t think anyone is buying it.




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