I’m flying to Boston tomorrow in preparation of my flight to Berlin on Wednesday. I got a great deal out of Boston and just hung in wait for a good deal to Boston so i could pounce on it to make an overall good deal roundtrip from Chattanooga, Tennessee to Berlin. I did my part, now the Earth is striking back.

I got a text this morning from Delta saying they had issued travel waiver for my Boston flight. Not a good sign. So then I jumped online to the National Hurricane Center’s website to see that they now think Hurricane José is going to get a little too close to Boston. This hurricane was Irma’s little brother and has been floating around the Atlantic and kind of did a loop way offshore for a while. Now it has gotten some ambition like all little brothers eventually do and decided to head north. This was not what I had expected.

I called Delta to see what was up. I’m more concerned about the flight to Berlin than getting to Boston right now. The robot on the other end of the Silver Medallion line (that’s one step above nothing), said they’d call me back in over two hours. That’s definitely not a good sign. Hmmmmm. I think I’ll go mow my grass and then put some Kraftwerk on my iPod and pretend it will all work out. What can you do, right? Besides, for most people in the tropics there are much worse repercussions from a hurricane than my flight being delayed.

Meanwhile, José’s bigger sister, Maria, is about to hit some lovely islands who definitely don’t need another hurricane. I was in St. Maarten and Puerto Rico in January and loved both of them. I’m hoping for the best for them.


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