On Monday I made a quick two and a half hour trip north of my home to see the total eclipse in Hendersonville, Tennessee. Why Hendersonville? It is the home of family and the designated meeting place for even more family who came down from Indiana for a chance to see totality. Where I live we were only going to see 99%. I am aware that using the word only to describe 99% of the sun being covered sounds odd, but that 1% makes a huge difference.

If this eclipse snuck up on you in America, you are truly detached from reality, or maybe in a coma. (If you were in a coma, sorry.) I initially thought 99% would be pretty good, but media coverage and advice from SCIENTISTS convinced me otherwise so I took my mom to the family eclipse party.

I shot these photos without a filter. I looked for one online but they were pretty expensive, and since this was my first total eclipse of the sun, I passed. I think they turned out OK.


Eclipse ShadowsDon't Ruin This For Me, Cloud!Eclipse ShadowsTotally!Cooler than it looksStill Cooler Than it LooksPlanet to the Upper LeftDiamond Ring Stage

Word on the street is there will be another one in 2024. While it will be visible in the US, I hear that sport in Mexico will have more than 4 minutes of totality. I may spring for a filter and a trip for that one.


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