Berlin and Beyond

I put together a trip to Berlin for this coming September but have only now begun to start planning. I have booked a few trips in the US for work and work, plus have several more European trips planned through the end of the year. It has been hard to focus on Berlin with all the other trips floating around out there in the future.

I’m not even sure why I’m going besides I’ve heard it is great AND I got a good deal. I friend asked me what I planned to do there and I replied “I have no idea. I’m sure there are museums.” I started hitting the┬áLonely Planet Berlin book last night and I was right: museums! I’m definitely going to see the Checkpoint Charlie and DDR Museums, as I am fascinated by countries that no longer exist.

I am only in Berlin for about five days, I booked this earlier in the year when my situation did not allow for staying away from my home base for more than a week, so I’m just going to hit the big sites. The TV tower, Brandenburg Gate, maybe a few record shops, a flea market, and then my usual wanderings into the direction of anything that looks interesting once I get there.

I would love some tips on things not to be missed.

Also, if anyone knows anything about Liechtenstein, an info would help me out. I have a trip to Switzerland over New Years and plan on heading towards Austria and thought I might as well visit my first Principality, right?

3 thoughts on “Berlin and Beyond

  1. You know, Ron, for you I recommend an app called The World Fact Book. It is published by the CIA. They conceived of it, once upon a time, as a printed tome to hand out to visiting foreign ambassadors and dignitaries. But now it comes in handy app form and it is fascifuckingnating.


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