Goodbye Ol’ Pal

Just wheeled out the trash that included the suitcase so dastardly fouled by my cat. I am not ashamed to admit, I opened the bin one last time for a final look before I walked back to the house. Sigh. The new one has been ordered and should be here this week in time for my trip to Las Vegas in early July.

I try not to anthropomorphize, but I am sure that the suspected cat has been in a better mood since he saw that I found what he did. He still won’t own up to it, but you can tell he’s satisfied with my response.

Now would also be a good time for me to plug the fact that if you travel at all a great pet-sitter is a MUST. I have two of the best. In fact, they probably give my two cats more attention than I do. I know they give them more treats and wet food in my absence. If there were an easy way to travel with a cat, I would do it, but they don’t want to and I don’t want to either, so we have a pretty good system in place now.

Probably Guilty

This is the suspect. While I can’t be sure he surfs the internet, I am certain he doesn’t read my blog so I can call him out without fear of reprisal.


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