Et Tu, Kitty?

I got back from the family vacation the day before yesterday and left my suitcase open on the floor for many reasons the top of which were I’m lazy and suffering a bit from a virus I picked up while gone. I went in today to unpack a bit since I’m feeling a bit better and discovered that one of my two cats had peed in it.

Mr. Ruffles packing
Thanks for the help, little guy.

The above photo was taken before the trip, and the cat pictured is NOT a suspect. Yet.

Now I’m not one to sling false accusations about but I am pretty sure there was no cat pee in it when I left New Jersey. I mean, anything is possible, but I stand by that statement. The whole time I was unpacking it the main suspect of a cat was sitting on a box watching me, like a serial killer returning to the scene of the crime  while the cops are there to get some thrill.

It has filled me with a brief moment of anger followed by intense sadness. That suitcase and I had been everywhere together: China, Hong Kong, Macau, Las Vegas, Canada, England, Japan, ….. Arkansas……and it had so much life left in it! We had great plans together to travel this fall and for many years to come. I now have to get a replacement and am not really in the mood to do so now.

My new suitcase will grow on me once I get it and start adding stickers and decals to it from my travels, but I can’t stop thinking about the decals on my old one that I will never see again.  So now I am in the market for a new hard-sided suitcase. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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