Family Vacation Woo-Hoo!

I’m well into getting ready for a family vacation that starts this Friday. OK, I just lied to you. I have yet to pack the first thing. I have set it all up, that’s a big part, right? I’m cramming some work projects in before I get around the nephews and remote work becomes a little more difficult. Working remotely has its advantages, but it’s one thing to do it from home, and another when you are some place cool, like the beach.

Traveling with family requires a lot of planning that I don’t normally do when I go somewhere. The ages of this 7 person crew run from 6 to 66 and I’m right in the middle age-wise. One of the great things about solo travel is the ease of planning and the requirements once there. We are going to Ocean City, New Jersey which bills itself as “America’s Greatest Family Resort”, and that’s pretty much true, so the destination is perfect for the age ranges involved.

Since you can only stuff so much food in your gob and walk so much of the boardwalk with the older and younger members of the family, I have tried to do a quick internet search of what is happening the week we will be there. All I really saw was that the Miss New Jersey Pageant is taking place. Not ideal for kids and I’m not sure us adults could handle too much of that either. Does anyone have any ideas?


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