No Known Cure

Is there a cure for wanderlust?

Lost luggage? You can buy new stuff.

A bout of dysentery perhaps? Surly malaria. Or zika. Would a bout of either of those would send me home and for good? Maybe to recover, but then I’d be out on the road again.

L’amour. That would do it right? Probably not. I’d just drag them along with me.

How about a ban on electronic devices on planes? Nope. I like books.

Maybe jail time on a trumped-up charge? For a while, but once released early due to good behavior, I’m sure I’d be at it again.

Maybe there is no cure, maybe it is like having a sense of humor. You can’t kill a sense of humor. I once read a quote that is summed up as “you don’t have a sense of humor, it has you.” I think the travel bug is like that. You can’t really get rid of it, you just try to express it in appropriate ways.

As soon as I landed this pas week, I was already itching to get back out there. I’m going to have to start planning the next one soon just to stay sane (and in practice). Maybe some place close to home in the short-term while keeping my eye out for a deal to someplace overseas.



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