London Day 3

Yesterday I spent my morning as planned and went to the Portobello Road Market and walked around a bit. I grabbed some trinkets for the folks back home and had lunch at a small Italian place I stumbled across last trip.

I walked through a few neighborhoods and then caught the Tube to head to Stanford a bookstore that is all travel books and maps.

If there is a heaven for me, it looks a lot like this place. No pearly gates, just an open sign. Maybe “free-take one” as the listed price on all titles. My heaven is a bit complicated with specifics.

But this place plus a few other bookstores yielded a few gems I probably can’t get back home, especially a book about one of my favorite bands: Buzzcocks. I also got several guide books to London that are slowly making me realize over three trips to this city I have really seen nothing!

But I did see a nice monument to Agatha Christie yesterday. A lucky accident I stumbled across.

I also intentionally framed the shot to get the McDonald’s in the background. I can’t think of why I did, I just felt it helped set the scene.

Also, anybody heard of this Potter guy? Looks like he’s got some sort of show in London.


More later today or tomorrow.

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