I made it to London. Virgin Atlantic Upper Class was more than I imagined. The crew was incredibly attentive. I also managed to get the most sleep I’ve ever gotten on a plane, but unfortunately that was only 4 hours or so. I’m 5’10” and I could just lay down with the seat converted to a bed.

During the dinner I also had what may have been in the top 2 best soups I’ve ever had, a great tomato-pepper. This either speaks of the quality of the Virgin Atlantic food or my bar for soups is pretty low. Nah, it was that good.  I find no shame in admitting one of my favorite soups was on a flight.


Possibly the best feature of flying Upper Class was fast track through customs. That meant I was fifth in line instead of two hundred and fifth. Thanks to that perk, I’m now having coffee in the Revivals Lounge killing time until I can check into the hotel.

You would think I would have learned by now that arriving early in the morning is a bad idea, since you have to spend a few hours waiting for hotel check in. Having to haul luggage around tends to limit what you can do.

A nap will be in order before the show tonight.



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