Failure on All Levels

Not only did I not blog any on my trip to Japan, the one post I did do while I was there sat unpublished until today. I really should have learned to use WordPress before I left. Now I’m gearing up for a quick trip to London on Wednesday.

This trip will be fun, because I took advantage of a points sale and will be flying Virgin Atlantic Upper Class! I’ve flown this Virgin Atlantic route before but in the back as I always have on international flights so this will be a nice chance to live like the fat cats for about 9 hours each way.

My plan until then is to post a bit each day about the Japan trip and post daily while in London. I’m also going to try to drop twenty pounds and bring about world peace while I’m at it. You have to set goals, right?

Just for fun, here’s something I ate while in Japan. Pumpkin, Sardine, and Celery crackers. They had a fishy aftertaste. I’m not sure what I expected.




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