24 Hours To Go

First flight leaves in about 24 hours. Today is a busy day of laundry and packing. I’m also finalizing the way I’m going to spend the 13 hours from Detroit to Tokyo-Narita.

  • Book: Assassination Vacation by Sarah Vowell (an Xmas gift from my sister that I found while cleaning the house!)
  • Music: Tons of stuff, but recently got The Complete Stax / Volt Singles Vol. 2, 1968-71 (things will be soulful AND funky)
  • TV: Flight of the Conchords (I’ve already watched them all, but it is just that goodI’ll watch it again)
  • Movies: Gimme Danger, Everybody Wants Some, and several short documentaries (I remember this week that Amazon Prime Video lets you download for free)

If by chance I get through all of this on the flight over, I’ll pick up some stuff to read in Japan for the trip back.

I’m off to check in for tomorrow’s flights, keeping my fingers crossed for an upgrade or an empty row to go along with my aisle seat. I almost always prefer window seats, but for such a long flight I want to be able to get up often.


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